Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Watch the Vuelta a España via the Internet

For those who saw my earlier post regarding Television Internacional's daily Vuelta coverage, you already know you can subscribe to a Spanish package via DTV or your cable provider and get some coverage.

Today I discovered via a post on RoadBikeReview.com that your can also get this channel one off via JumpTV.

JumpTV is an internet service that allows you to watch television stations via the internet. For $9.95 a month you can sign up for Television Internacional (TVE) and see the Vuelta! I've just tried it and it's a snap to get going if you've got broadband internet. Fees are month to month so you can cancel at the end of the Vuelta if you choose and it cost you less than 10 bucks! Quality of the broadcast video probably isn't as high as via DTV or cable, but the simplicity of this solution rocks.

Now if you want go a bit fancier, try out this software by Alex Urich and Applian Technologies in tandem with JumpTV to tape the Vuelta on your computer.

I'm not sure if the "scheduler" for timed recordings will work due to the passwords required to access JumpTV, but I have confirmed that manual recording using this software and JumpTV streams does work just fine.

Can you bear to miss Petacchi scorch the field again . . . text coverage just doesn't due justice to the "field sprints" or upcoming "mountain attacks". Don't be left roadside! Get your coverage today!

(Thanks I-Style and topCarb for the tips)


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