Saturday, September 04, 2004

Downers Grove, IL - training grounds for the Vuelta?

Only a few weeks ago Floyd Landis was tearing round the course at Downers Grove IL at the US Pro Criterium Championships. More of a train ride for Floyd as on this day he wasn't racing for the win, but working for team mates Tony Cruz and Robbie Venture as pictured below.

Today however, Floyd arrived to the start of the Vuelta as team captain and the USPS team won the team time trial at the Vuelta a España. They took the win by a margin of 31 seconds with shades fo the TDF riding precision that also grabbed them the team win at the big dance this past July. The win over a second place T-Mobile and Banesto in third, puts Floyd in the leaders jersey. This is the first leader's Jersey Floyd has worn in a major tour and could be a premonition for things to come in the days and years ahead. Team Phonak with Olympic "heart throb" Tyler Hamilton finished 1:01 back in fourth.

If the rumors are true that Tyler and Floyd may be riding together next year, this could only mean great things for Americans (and USA SuperFans alike) at the big tours next year. Green shorts just don't look so great with my blue USPS shirt so a union of these two riders will also help with my race day SuperFan wardrobe matching as well.

Check out Velonews for more race details on todays event and how Floyd and Tyler fair over the next few days. Here's a shout out to the guys at VeloNews! They make the best cycling magazine in the world and every cyclist should subscribe!

Also don't forget that channel 407 can be subscribed to on DirecTV dishes via the Spanish package. Point your dish to satellite 119 (if it's not already recieving this signal) and call DirecTV and you should be good to go for daily programming of the Vuelta a España. You do need an oval multisat dish for this to work. Many other digital cable providers can also help you out. Just tell them you need a package that includes TVE or Television España Internacional.


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