Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Don't Miss the Vuelta - it's on TVE

If you follow procycling even the slightest bit, then it's no mystery to you that this year's Vuelta is looking like it should be a good one . . . .

A number of the tour de France favorites and now also rans will surely be looking for a little season ending redemption. Also some exciting new commers like Daniel Cuenego will surely make things interesting. How about Tyler?! Will Mayo be on form? Might we see Popo surprise? So many good questions for the slopes to answer.

But the kicker is OLN dropped live American coverage this year so you'll be forced to sift through blog coverage like this site and less than ideal internet programming to get your updates . . . .

. . . but wait, there's a better option!!!!

TVE the international Spanish channel is rumored to have some Vuelta coverage on the agenda and is carried by both DirecTV and cable companies like Comcast, Adelphia, etc

Cost approximately 10 bucks a month to add this spanish channel . . .
I don't think the coverage is live but it should be better than nothing.

So grab your phone book, credit card and local tv providers number, find your Five Fighting CD to drowned out the Spanish (unless of course you can speak it) and get ready to kick it for some GOOOOD SuperFan Programin!

thanks to "Italien_Style" from www.roadbikereview.com discussions for sharing this killer tip.

You can be sure my plasma reciever will be tuned to spanish signal come Vuelta day!


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