Saturday, December 11, 2004

Big Bear kills off DH racing

Big Bear is throwing in the towel and locking the gates on downhill racing after an accident and subsequent lawsuit as reported by Now I feel bad that some one was seriously injured as we all do, and I don't know all the facts about this specific case, but come on . . . Here's an open letter to the person who filed this suit:

Did you really think it was safe to hurrel down a mountain on a bike? Did it not cross your mind that you might hurt yourself in this endeveour? Did the pages of legal fine print you signed before riding not ring a small bell (danger, be careful)?

How about the tons of folks all around the mountain in full face helmets and body armor? Surely you skinned your knee before as a kid on a schwinn stingray without the assistance of any rock gardens, trees, or steep decents . . . so you thought this former x-games event would be a safe and without risk? I'm racking my brain with creative license yet I can't imagine many realistic senarios out there where Big Bear could be at fault for your mishap or misfortune.

Accidents happen . . . That's bad luck and life. Now you've chosen to take your misfortune and turn it into a bad experience for an entire sport; it's pretty pathetic. Big Bear has been force into a corner with legal bills and I don't blame them calling it a day. I blame you mr lawsuit filer for not taking responsibility for your actions. Extreme sports are called that for a reason. Body armour, fullface helmets and steep slopes and the risk they create shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. You showed up for the adrenaline, and now you have the nerve to blame others for your accident. Clearly your eyes were open as you rode the chairlift up to see what you were getting yourself into. If you shut them on the way down and crashed that's your fault, not Big Bears'. To sue them over this accident is pathetic and cowardly. If I'm mistaken in the facts please write me (you write me, not your wussy lawyer). I'd love to print your side of the story for the world to decide.

For those bikers with lawyers in waiting, go take your stinkin' ambulance chasin' lawyers and your wheel chairs some where else, cause your not welcome at my playground any more . . . mountain biking is better off without folks like this on the trails who think accidents are someone else's fault. Maybe this guy should consider sueing his mother too for having him and his father for not teaching him better braking techniques on his old schwinn. Damn candy ass.



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