Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Bad day for the squirrel

Ever tried bunny hopping a 40 pound DH bike . . . Nearly all modern DH bikes come with cushy springers like your mother's Oldsmobile and parts that are burly and add up in weight.

So when a squirrel darts out on your next ride, just be sure you ate your Wheeties . . .

Or you can lighten up your bike for easier defying of gravity . . .

The real question here is do DH and Freeride bikes really need to be this heavy?
I say no! No! NO!

Many of the top DH parts & frame companies are still using less expensive materials and antiquated techniques to build their so called "top o' the line parts and frames". Why . . . because it's cheaper and easier to build . . . and they can still charge you a lot of hard earned coin and bank it.

Only a few proud, bold and brave MTB companies have begun to push the envelop with modern materials like Carbon, Magnesium, Ti, and Fortal for Mountainbike parts, and most often just for the XC mountainbike set. This is a shame as DH & Freeride bikes could be a lot more fun and rideable if only they got on a "high carb" diet. Pickup a road bike magazine or flip on the Tour de France and you will quickly see that the road bike market is "lite years" ahead when it comes to using sophisticated manufacturing techniques and materials to bring the weight of parts down. There is absolutely no reason the DH and freeride community couldn't "also benefit" from these same hi tech and lighter materials.

So here's a shout out to some of the companies that are doing their part to lighten the load for Mountain biking, especially in the Freeride and DH markets.

Spinergy - innovative composite spoke technology to build amazingly strong and light DH wheels

Elan Remec DH - carbon DH frames

Scott USA - lightest carbon freeride/fs frame in the world

Manitou - Light weight carbon forks
Bombshell - (R.I.P. - Betty and Marilynn Forks)

Easton Products - Awesome, well built carbon and Magnesium Parts
RaceFace - Carbon/Fortal Cranks

This is just a short list there are definitely some other great companies building the "good stuff". Hopefully the rest of the industry will see the "lite" and follow suit with better quality parts that lighten the load for the DH and Freeride crowd.


flyingsuperpetis said...

That guy in the pic looks like a dork!


1:59 AM  
mtnwing said...

anyone riding a dh bike round town to hunt down innocent squirrels is surely questionable . . .
what ever happened to the "squirel hop"

11:31 PM  

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