Peugeot Team Fibre Di Carbone - PY-10-FC

These bikes first appeared under the legs of Tour de France Pro, Pascal Simon during prototype stages and soon after in French Magazine ads around 1982. The catch ads featured a picture of the Space Shuttle, and compared the bike to this fast space flyer! It was a fair comparison in hindsight given how far ahead of the technology curve this bike was bake in 1982. Peugeot offered this bike in it's catalogue from 1982-86. Apart from the Graftek, this is one of the first carbon road bikes available. Built up with old Campy Record. Peugeot developed the carbon tubing for use in these lugged bicycles. Peugeot colaborated with Bador (Bador was also working with French tubing company to utlizing the Vitus brand name to build complete frames) and both begin offering carbon bikes under individual brand names. Peugeot offered "Team" edition bikes PY-10 FC under the their brand and the bikes. Bador built "Vitus-branded" bikes utilize "Vitus Duralinox" alloy for the rear triangle and Peugeot carbon for the main tubes.

Check out scans of the original Peugeot Catalogues at this awesome website! Years 1983 1984, 1985, & 1986 in particular show original pictures of the PY-10 FC - (Thanks to Oscar Casander for providing the historic data and website w/old catalogue scans documenting these great bikes!)

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