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Carbon Road Bikes Carbon Mountain Bikes
1991 CarbonFrames/Lemond Team Z Bike 1988 MountainBik - Coming Soon!
2003 Colnago C40 HP 1989 Trimble Inverse 4 Team Bike
2003 Snedeker/HotTubes Custom 1990 Trek 8900
Coming Soon! - 1970's Graftek Exxon NEW 1990 Yeti C-26 - pictures of restored Yeti build posted!
Coming Soon! - 80's Vitus Carbone 9 1991 Kestrel CSX - Coming Soon!
1982-86 Peugeot Fibre di Carbone Team Bike 1995 Kestrel Rubicon
1991 James L Trimble Aero Bike Schwinn Homegrown URT
Coming Soon - 80's Alan 1995 GT STS Thermo 4 Bar
De-Carbonated Road Collection

1996 K2 Oz Thermo

1995/96 Caloi/Merckxx Team Motorola Bike - Lance Armstrong 1998 GTS XCR Thermo I-drive
Coming Soon !!! Kirk Precision 1997 Jamis El Diablo
Lo-Carb Diet Bike Fans - MTB & BMX Collection 2002 Remec DH
Coming Soon - 1995 Tomac Giant DH 2003 EPX Speedster
Coming Soon - 1994 Manitou FS DH bike 2003 Scott Strike
1997 - Lodestar Team Magnesium HT 1989 - Kestrel MXZ - Coming Soon!
1987 Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo - Coming Soon! 1994 Yeti Thermoplastic - Paul Tracy bike - Coming Soon!
1995 Intense M-1 DH 1994 Raleigh Tomac Signature Edition - Coming Soon!
Submitted Carbon Bike Pictures 1994 Koga Miyata Hard Tail - Coming Soon
DPS Composites Formula 1 MTB - Submitted by Nik Hill  
Coming Soon ! - Prototype - New Patented Design NEW!!! - C26 pictures posted
GT Thermo BMX bike - Coming Soon!  
and several more Fan's bikes coming!!! Please send your pictures! Tour De France Fans - Check out Tyler's BMC Time Trial Carbon bike. Very innovative carbon design - See linked sites: - great story on Tyler's ride!
No-Carb Diet Bike Fans - Coming Soon! - Another good story and pictures.
Coming Soon! - Yeti Pro Fro - restore  
Coming Later! - Herbold Miyata Worlds Replica  
Coming eventually! - 24 inch Yeti Pro Fro Dual S Team bike.  
Coming Soon! 1991 Cannondale EST 1000 FS bike  
and one more very special Aluminum mtb!  
Please keep it tuned to for more great updates COMING SOON!  


Carbon Bike Collection:

Colnago C40 - Navigators Team Bike

Highlights: - Sub 17 pounds 56 cm, Carbon Cinelli Ram Bars (a work of art), Mavic Zap Electronic Shifters (cool but not stellar performers), Colnago Carbon Crank (also art in motion), Specialized Carbon seatpost with Elastomer absorber, Cat Brakes, Ti bolt upgrades throughout, Topolino wheels

Greg Lemond Team Z:

Highlights: Rare professional team bike previously owned by Jerome Simon, a french racer on the same team as TDF champ Greg Lemond. Simon was Greg's main lieutenant for several years. The bike is hand built by Craig Calfee of CarbonFrames (now called Calfee Design - 1 of 18 orderd by Greg and built specially for his team. 19.75 pounds with stock 1991 dura ace (a light rocket in it's day!). The first ever tour win on a Carbon Fiber bicycle was Greg Lemond in 1986.. He was ironically riding a "Bernard Hinault" Signature Model Look prototype frame. After joining Team Z, he rode a CarbonFrames bike in yellow during the 1991 tour for a short period. He also ordered Calfee's "CarbonFrames" for his entire team (branded as Lemond's) - 18 bikes in total.

Mountain Bikes:

Trek 9800

Highlights: Original Rock Shox RS1 fork, Carbon bonded to Aluminum lugs and rear triangle, One of Trek's first carbon bikes & the predecessor to OCLV, Early Scram XRay shifters

Schwinn Home Grown S-30 URT

Highlights: It's a Schwinn! One of the few composite bikes they ever made. Also utilizes unified rear suspension that was a popular suspension trend in the early to mid nineties but was gone as fast as it started. Built up with Specialized FSX Carbon Judy, one of the first carbon forks, Dampenator headset for steering dampening

Trimble - Brent Trimble - 5 lbs frame

Highlights: 1989 Trimble Inverse 4 (-4) Team Frame, hand built by Brent & Roo Trimble. Production was based in Arkansas of all places. Aproximately 500 Inverse 4's are reported to have been built (see and even fewer Team frames like this one. A very early Carbon / Fiberglass Composite bike in the MTB arena before everyone jumped on the carbon band wagon. Looks modern in design, even though it was first debuted in 1988. Worlds best or worst paint job depending on your taste -- I believe the stripes are hand painted on! Well know DH mountain bike racer, "Earthquake" Jake Watson was a Trimble sponsored team rider during this period. Jake tragicly lost his life in bad DH cycling crash ten years latter in 1999, but is fondlyl remembered as a great embassador for our sport who touched many lives with his kindness during his all to short career. Production continued till about 1994. A very limited number of replicas built by Dean reappeared in 1998 after design was licensed from Trimble. (There is another "Trimble", James L Trimble that is know for building an innovative carbon Aero bike - see gallery for picture. Anyone know if the two builders are related? Email me at CarbonBikes @ if you know the answer.)

Mountain Bik

Highlights: Early work from the founders of Aegis and Kestrel with input from Trek Composite team before they all went their seperate successful ways. Down tube shifters. Oldschool hardtail geometry, not suspension fork geometry.

GT Thermoplastic STS

Highlights: One of the first commercially available thermoplastic frames (and also one of the last as best I can tell).. Heralded as a breakthrough bike because it was thermoplastic rather than epoxy resin to hold fibers in place. Cool looking bikes but the weight was not competitive vs lighter aluminum models and despite the claims, many would argue they were not as durable either.

My personal STS was the first carbon bike I purchased. Goal was to build an all carbon/plastic bike - I think I got pretty close: FSA Cranks, LP Seatpost, part of the SDG saddle, LP Bars, WTB Pedals, SRAM Shifters, Spinergy Carbon Hub & Composite Spokes, Noleen computer controlled "Smart Shock"- and just bought a new carbon stem (not pictured)

GT Thermoplastic XCR 2000

Highlights: Second generation Thermoplastic bike from GT. Modern I-drive suspension technology and lower weight. Only around for a couple years and then faded into the retired technology sunset most likely due to the cost of production and higher weight vs aluminum.

K2 Oz Thermoplastic - (Picture below is of a stock OZ, not my personal bike)

Jamis El Diablo (Built by LP Composites)

Highlights: Built by LP Composits for Jamis. One of the most beautiful Carbon frames I've laid eyes on. Resin Transfer Moulding techniques were used to build this beauty. The rear shock is actuall recessed inside the frame. Because of the big hollow beam, this bike echos like a guitar when you shift the derailer.

Kestrel Rubicon

Highlights: Kestrel was the first big time success for carbon monoque frames I believe. This particular bike uses an ingenious linkage system to change leverage force on the shock to allow for a more active in the saddle feel and stiffer out of the saddle feel. A unique method to overcome suspension bob, without fancy shock valving which is probably the biggest 2003 breakthrough technology. Rubicon's production stopped in 2002 (I think?), with the release of a new Kestrel FS design based on the Specialized 4 bar linkage suspension. Rubicons had many successful years of production with almost no major changes over the span.

EPX Speedster

Highlights: Cool hardtail design that uses a swing arm that can be unhooked to fold up the rear wheel for travel in the trunk of a car. Monocoque design with beautiful esthetic design.

(Picture below is of a stock EPX Speedster; actual picture coming soon)

Scott Strike

Highlights: Probably the lightest full suspension bike in the world. Yeah I know, every bike manufacturer makes that claim with their FS design . . . Don't take my word for it . . . visit to see several sub 21 pound Strikes along with a full run down fo the component weights used to build them up.

My Scott Strike was previously owned by Greg "HB" Herbold, the former national US DH champion and world renown freerider. Also of interest is the fact that Scott USA "doesn't" sell bikes in the "USA"! The carbon work on this clearcoat bike is a work of art, and the picture doesn't do justice to seeing this one in person.


Two other bikes I own that aren't technically "full carbon" but since I own the gallery I get to post what I like!

Snedeker / Hot Tubes Custom

sub 18 pounds - columbus ultra foco steel & carbon

Highlights: Built by me! with the help of Toby Stanton of Hot Tubes. Does have a Carbon rear seat stay and many carbon components. Record carbon groupo, FSA cranks, 3T carbon stem, Columbus carbon seat stay, Easton Carbon bars, Easton carbon seatpost. Toby Stanton is a true bike artist, and you can take a awesome bike building class where he teaches every step of frame building one on one right down to the graphics and paint. Toby is also the team manager of the most prestigious and successful US junior road teams in this country (also goes by the name Hot Tubes) and also was former team director for the Saturn Jr team. He's grooming the next generation of true US cycling hopes for the international race scene. Check him out at I highly recommend his class.