Yeti C-26

Below is a very rare Yeti C-26 like the one once ridden in the first ever 1990 Durango Mountain Bike World Championships by famed riding legends John Tomac and Julian Furtado. Furtado piloted her C-26 to victory marking the begining of the Yeti MTB racing heritage dynasty. Tomac is also well remembered at the Purgatory MTN, Durango World Championships for his strong 4th place finish in the DH, and also for outfitting his C-26 with "drop bars". This drop bar selection was likely influenced by Jonny T's recent departure from the European road bike scene in 1990, where he'd been riding with the 7-11 Pro Team, along with other storied US riders of the era including the now famous OLN TV commentator Bob Roll.

Only 5-10 or so, Yeti C-26's were ever assembled by they Yeti factory in Durango officially (, although parts for about 50 were on hand at the factory back in 1990 for an intented small production run. Assembly quickly was halted after it was discovered that some of these original bikes began having lug/tube delamination problems, an issue suffered by nearly all early carbon bicycles (not limited to Yeti Cycles). The remaining frame parts were placed in a box and the project was scrapped. (Source:

Of the remaining 40-45 Yeti frame parts, a few are rumored to have disappeared out of the factory as sticky fingered workers left Yeti over the years and assembled the parts into full frames on their own. This further adds to the Yeti history and folklore. The one below is suspected to be one of the later reclaimed frames. It's unknow exactly how many actually still exist -- their are probably less than a dozen Yeti C-26 frames ever built all told, and likely even less. (see

Before the Restore:

Now fully restored:


An original picture of John Tomac riding his C-26 race bike at the 1990 worlds. Restore was patterned after this bike and race parts setup.

Juli Furtado's actuall Worlds Winning C-26:

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