Caloi/Eddy Merckxx 1996 Motorola Team Bike

Formerly ridden by Lance Armstrong - 22.5 pounds

Highlights: Lance Armstrong's old steed ... no explaination need! . . . Except for the reason it's in this carbon bike gallery with no carbon to be found on it. . . well . . . the magical popularity of Lance as an embassador for the sport, has done a lot to get the general population to accept carbon fiber as a popular mainstream material for bicycles vs it's previous "exotic material" perception. Greg Lemond pioneered the winning carbon trend back in 1986 and 1990 and Lance continues it with his tour wins on the Trek OCLV.Unfortunatley, I have not yet had the opportunity to buy a Trek Lance OCLV yet.

As for the history of this bike, Yes this bike is the real deal. Originally purchased at a charity auction and then later sold to me. LAF is a great cause and I encourage all to donate to LAF this year if you can.

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